Get to the temple

Before coming on the Metro, visit this go page for the latest announcements.



Tuesday through Friday evenings, 5:30pm-10:00pm. We will be there during those times on those days unless the announcement section on this page says otherwise. There is no service on Saturday or any other time not listed.

Shuttle Stops

Text request your pick up stop

Text the short name of a shuttle stop, e.g., "forest", to 240-706-7776 and we'll be there in 15 minutes or less. Normally we do not text back. Be sure to hail the shuttle to indicate your desire for a ride, especially if you are appoaching the stop.

Text at Takoma

It helps us better serve you when you can text 10 minutes in advance. For example, on your way to the temple on a Metro train headed to Glenmont if you text us "forest" from the Takoma station we'll have more time to plan for you than if you text us from the Forest Glen station.

Call to Catch

If you see the shuttle driving away from a stop then call, don't text again, to let us know you're there. Although no one will answer hopefully the driver will hear the phone ring in time to loop back around. 



  • 3/3/18 onward: Closed, no shuttle service, Temple is closed for long term renovations (public Temple open house once finished).

Riders Know

  • Announcements.
  • Our phone number.
  • Ages eight and up may ride.
  • Eating is allowed.
  • It's free.

Reasons to Ride

  1. Eat on the ride
    Not only is eating allowed on the Temple Shuttle, it's encouraged. The ride from the Metro to the temple is a great time to finish up those leftovers from lunch, grab a power snack or enjoy a treat.
  2. Avoid traffic
    Many of the best times to go to the D.C. Temple coincide with the worst traffic. Conversely the Metro has shorter wait times during peak traffic.
  3. Simple directions
    People coming to the D.C. Temple for the first time need directions. Telling others how to get the temple is simply a matter of saying 
  4. Predictable trip time
    Driving to the D.C. Temple involves unpredictable delays. Taking the Metro removes the erratic traffic variable allowing you to better anticipate actual trip time.
  5. Convenient and stress free
    On the Metro you can relax and wait for your stop once you have ensured you are headed in the right direction. Contrast this to stop and go driving that demands constant attention.
  6. Front door service
    Unlike the public bus that stops out on the street, we provide front door service. The temple stop is just to the left of the portico when exiting the temple.
  7. Reduce cost, conserve fuel and cause less pollution
    The Metro is always running whether you use it or not. Leveraging the Metro in conjunction with Temple Shuttle to go to the D.C. Temple is a way to be economically and environmentally conscious.
  8. Multi-task
    While you're on the Metro you can read a book, play a game or catch up on unfinished work. Just download desired files beforehand as it's difficult to maintain a signal in the tunnels.
  9. Decrease neighborhood traffic
    For every passenger on the Temple Shuttle there is potentially one less vehicle on Stoneybrook Dr. Using Temple Shuttle is a great way to decrease congestion in the neighborhood surrounding the D.C. Temple.
  10. No vehicle necessary
    Whether or not you have a car, you may not always have it at your fingertips. Temple Shuttle makes the D.C. Temple and visitor center easily accessible from the Metro for one time or regular use.

Rider Questions

How long is the ride?

About 7 minutes.

How much does it cost?

It's free. There is no charge to ride.

How easy is it to ride?

How about other Metro stops?

Forest Glen is the only Metro stop for pick up/drop off.

What does the shuttle look like?

Like a large white shuttle with shuttle doors and Temple Shuttle logos.

Is there shuttle service during the day?

No. The RideOn 4 bus is a limited option between the Silver Spring Metro Stop and Stoneybrook Dr.

Is there shuttle service on Saturday?

No. The RideOn 5 bus is a limited option between the Silver Spring Metro Stop and MD-192/Pratt Pl (park at end of Pratt Pl provides access to Stoneybrook Dr).


Can I walk to the Temple?

What about bikes?

Please leave them locked up at the Metro station.

Rider Mistakes

Texting destination stop

Remember, text your desired pick-up stop. Texting your destination stop will delay the Temple Shuttle.

Taking stairwell at Forest Glen

Remember, walk all the way through the tunnel when exiting Forest Glen. That stairwell will take you away from the Temple Shuttle.