Can I walk to the Temple from the Forest Glen metro stop?

We don't recommend it. The D.C. Temple and Forest Glen metro stop are just under 2 miles apart. On a nice day it could seem quite inviting to enjoy a 40 minute stroll to the Temple. Realize that if you do so, it is at your own peril - whether you go by foot or bicycle. There are portions of the route where you would be on the road as there are no shoulders or sidewalks.

There are two ways to go: the bridge way or the bus way. Neither is good for pedestrians. Please stay off the bus way!

We strongly discourage walking or biking the route that the shuttle drives to and from the Temple. If you insist on walking or biking please take the bridge way.

Bridge way

Forest Glen Road - Go straight at the light

Look both ways before crossing the railroad tracks and wait if the lights are flashing (trains pass often) then cross the bridge over 495 with the scenic beltway view of the Temple through the chainlink fence on the right. After the bridge go right every chance you get till you get to the Temple. This road has a lower speed limit and multiple speed humps on the curvy portion although no sidewalk or shoulders. You will go over and then under the beltway.

View Bridge way (Google Maps).

Bus way

Captial View Avenue (MD 192) - Don't turn right at the light

Please stay off of Capital View Avenue - a road with multiple curves and blind spots, no sidewalks or shoulders, and fast moving vehicles including full size buses.